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Saturday, October 14th, 2006
5:27 am
Uh.. Hi..
Hi. Uh.. I'm actually not a member of tales or dawn, but I figured this would be a good place to ask a question or two.

I've been watching Tales for awhile now (my alternate account is "darthjeieu". I think Serenity knows me, if she's still around) and I thought I'd join now. Though it seems the plot's become a bit crazy since I last read the story. Can new people still just show up like before?

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
8:07 pm
"Who's said a Jedi can't be cool?"

Because the fangirls demand it:

It's sketchy and manga/anime style(sorta) and it's not the best I could ever do (I'm gonna fix his hair right after this :p), but it did come out looking cool ^_^ But Jason can't ever NOT look cool. The guy could trip and fall face first on the floor and he'd STILL find a way to look cool doing it lol. I tried drawing Tal's new scary vong body and let us just say...it sucks.(this usually happens to my drawings if you haven't noticed) Man can you pick anything harder to draw, Tal?! My biggest prob is the fact I've only so far found 1 decent picture of one and since they're not in the movies it makes it even harder. rgles. 

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Monday, May 15th, 2006
1:16 am
I know this isn't related to Star Wars, but hey it's still fun and your all still welcome!!

Now promoting Samurai Champloo Lives! This is an RPG for everyone who wants to play around AFTER the episodes! So if you want in, come on over! Peace!

title or description
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
6:39 pm
So hey guys, got some cool news. I just got to the part in my photoshop stuff where I can make websites and what not! So what I want to do is get a bio and picture from each character from both Tales and Dawn. Major or minor, don't matter. So hook me up and I can start making the site! A tribute to the parts in our lives that we so wonderfully expressed! Thanks guys! Oh, and may the Force/Ashla be with you all!!
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
9:08 am
Following what Jackie (he's going to kill me for that) just said:

Dawn of the Jedi
1. Braya joins Alexis on the Sib head hunting? Maybe?
2. Alora finally tells another story to Trillion (the library holo) It sounds easier than it is.

Tales of the Jedi
1. Tella dies. Don't ask me if I'm sure because then I'll never do it. It's only a maybe at the moment.
2. Maybe one day Tella can help Serenity give birth to those babies that's she's been pregnant with for like a year now :P I mean I did the concept art for the kid and now he's never going to be born.

Added is something I want to know: Are Dante and Tella ever getting together again? Is it better we keep the emo attitude? Do you think Tella should let it go? I mean, she's a bit clingy but it's expected.

You'd be clingy if you were born into a family that didn't want you, then was sent off to the war and was kicked out of your tribe and then sent back, made out with your Jedi comrad, then he died and you got turned into a mutant and then you stayed at the bottom of the ocean for 200 years or so and survived off eating people and then you got captured by a Mandalorian (the biggest of enemies to your people) and then got turned into a Sith apprentice and fell in love with your master that was really a Jedi Master that was bringing down the Sith from the inside and you made a baby and then he kinda helped you with your mutation situation and then the evil over lord of your temple killed you and then he brought you back by giving up his life and immortality for you and the baby and then you had your kid and he's a wolf kinrath thingy and then he gets like half killed I guess by villigers and then you met this guy named Obi-Wan and he kinda helped you and then you stole some stuff from "the jedi's" ship and laughed at him and then a little later on you got this blue kid so you match! and then a little after that Dante got all sad because his kid died and then ur best bud Tal and you were like "crap..." and you felt all guilty because those were ur droids so it's all your fault and so then a little later on your twin sister decides she's going to kill ya and then Dante is all like "Damn I love you" and we're all like "YEY!" and then we killed ur sister. And so yeah, why'd you read that?

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12:23 pm
right i relaise my participation in my RPs has been slipping so here is my idea.. we start developing story lines in advance. We all work out the detials here in the spicerack and then we post them! that way we can get ourselves moving again.

My second idea is that about once a week everyone posts here with threads they have yet to finish and people they are waiting on replies from. Also announce any major big plans you are planning on making so we can have ideas fresh in our head on how our charachters will react.

I will start us off

Dawn of the jedi ideas....

1) Alexis is going to hunt down Sib, Sib while be hunting him too. I feel they should not resolve this conflict anytime soon but should make it a running theme, the fight, one escapes and they fight again another time. It will make a nice rivalry and each will leave in fear of the other jumping them at any given moment

2) My new person Kessel Jorak is awaiting approval but when he is in he could use a story line, any ideas?

Plots to finish

1) Alexis is waiting on a reply from the council.

Tales of the jedi

1) Seth and Tal have to meet soon, fight but i am not sure what the outcome should be. I havnt figured out where I am going with Seth just yet. He has to lose his abnormal power somehow or else it throws out the balance of the force.

2) Dante is growing weary of Sitting still and wishes to continue his path of the Shugyosha, I would really love for him to meet with obiwan for a day or so to seek his coincil but if thats not possible thats cool.

3) Dante is not going to approve of Leelly and Les's engagement.. A possible dante/les row?

4) Noah is going to be killed on a mission, if anyone wants to elaborate on this idea I am open to suggestions.

5) Rei and jason need to get married as they have been engaged for a while now
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
8:34 pm
As much as it kills me to post twice, I had fan art. This one I'm especialy proud of because I got Junta's fur right. Also: Handmaiden Tella with real odd lips that I couldn't fix no matter wat and Sib. Coming soon: Rei and Jason - Fire Tornado

Now i just gotta get his horns right...



So that's all. I'm now going to try to get fire to look right. :P See y'all round laters.

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Sunday, March 26th, 2006
8:26 pm
Oh, it depresses me so to see no posts at all since I left. I suppose we're all very busy juggling life, Ashla, the force, and magic (magic would only be if you were in Serenity's community, which most of us are, so I'll put it there). I'm seriously wondering now if we're dead communities.

But on the off chance we're still breathing...

I think we should "restart". What I mean by that is that we should try to drop this constant Sith Lord attacking, Dark Lord killing, reserecting, having ultimate power, that cycle that we all know and love. Maybe I'm just a wierdo, but I miss the days that Tella fixed Obi-Wan's roof and she liked it! I miss the old days where Tella stole from Dante's ship and everyone smiled! I miss the good old days when there were posts every 5 friggen seconds!

I wish we could go back to that. Developing our characters, the mood, the setting, instead of focusing on the constant Darth menace. I feel like, and I've talked with a few other and they've agree with me, that our characters are being lost in the shuffle. There's not time for Kat to sigh, well ther is, but there isn't enough time to tell you that she's sighing because she knows that the woman in front of her is the only one who has ever truely loved her and she has ever truely loved back. It's just a "Kat sighed and gave a weak nod as she turned to leave" no "Kat sighed, knowing her true feelings for the woman in front of her who had shown her everything in life, whom loved her and she loved back. But she didn't have the courage nor the energy to say another word. She gave a half hearted nod and turned to leave" ya know? And there's a "Dante brushed past Tella" but there's not a "Dante brushed by Tella and it seemed to last for hours, almost every moment they had ever shared flashing in Tella's eyes." There's a "Obi-Wan scowled and stomped away" not a "Obi-Wan scowled at Tella's foolishness; of course there should be a water slide in the main hall!" I feel like it's all in fast forward. DOn't get me wrong, I like seeing bad guys lose, but I'd like to see a "Dante showed no emotion as the man fell to his knees, his emerald eyes slowly draining of all life, every dot of blue, every glint. He felt no emotion, knowing that what he did was right." not a "Dante killed Les." (Ha and I'm sure you're all wondering what I meant by all of those...those are mostly just my little world. Kat's is real though. ^_^) Just something to keep in mind, I do it too.

That'd really be my only problem. I love u guys! ^_^

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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
1:49 am
Hello, everyone. I thought it might be helpful with all the plots going on if we had one place where you could discuss it all amongst yourselves.
This would also be a good place to discuss those non-RPG ideas which I know you are abrim with.

I know it looks ugly at the moment, but I promise to fix it up.
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